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Arrange Visa & Permits


Getting a visa to Tajikistan is now made easy. The Citizens of 80 countries are eligible now to apply for online visa and Permit to Pamir and get it hassle free. Peak Adventures is a registered travel company in Tajikistan which is liable to apply for visas on behalf of tourists. So if you want us to take care of this procedure we are happy to do so.

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The citizens of 80 countries are eligible to receive an online visa to Tajikistan for up to 45 days along with GBAO permit at Citizens of countries who are not listed need to have a visa support from a travel company in Tajikistan in order to receive online visa or stamped visa at Tajikistan embassy. Peak Adventures offers visa support service for tourists coming to Tajikistan. 

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GBAO region of Tajikistan covers the area of Pamirs and a special Permit is necessary to enter this region. You can get the permit along with the visa at Tajikistan embassy or online when applying for online visa. If for some reason you haven't got one we can receive the permit for you.

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